Pillow Star LED Pillow

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   ◆ Cute star pattern: Our luminous pillow is in the shape of twinkling stars, which looks cute and lovely. This is a very cute pillow that can bring you a good mood.Color-changing LED lights, colorful rainbows, lovely star modelling added the fun of decoration.

   ◆ Soft sleep companion: Our LED star can accompany children to sleep at night. It can also be used as an ornament in the nursery. The cute images and soft touch give children a sense of security, allowing them to sleep peacefully at night.Perfect for children's rooms, parties or daily decorations!

   ◆ Soft and durable material: The seat cushion is made of high quality material and has a certain number of high brightness.LED lights according to the light distribution principle.LED cables and power consumption (3 AA batteries) with decorative connections are ideal for

   ◆ Power switches.

   ◆ When the circuit is connected, the LED lights emit a soft light.The eyes of this pillow will not fall off, because the eyes of the pillow are embroidered. So children can play with our pillows safely. The quality is proven to be suitable for children. There is a hanging rope on the top of the pillow to make it easy to hang this pillow.

   ◆ At night, children can receive a gift to accompany them to sleep peacefully.

   ◆ Safer, softer and more reliable for children and infants.

   ◆ Cute smiley face star design.

   ◆ Soft and fluffy surfaces provide a pleasing touch and keep you warm in winter.

   ◆ Give to love, friends or family on Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions.

   ◆ Cleaning method: We suggest not to machine wash. If it gets dirty, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Don't forget to dry completely in the sun, which helps keep the stuffed toy soft.

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