Ear Pods Pro 2nd Gen

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Beautiful rich sound – less background noise. And its algorithms play a massive part in producing vivid audio. It processes sound quickly for higher fidelity audio and works with the custom-built driver and amplifier for crisp, distortion-free music. And with twice theActive Noise Cancellation and Adaptive Transparency, you'll be able to cut out background noise like engines or tools while still focusing on the important things. If only the rest of life was that peaceful.

Good to know

- Touch control means you can swipe on your AirPod to adjust volume, or press to manage calls
- Get wrapped up in sound with Personalised Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking
- Adaptive EQ uses microphones to measure what you're hearing and adjusts the frequency so it's just right
- The four pairs of silicone tips let you find the perfect fit for an acoustic seal
- Get up to 6 hours of listening with Active Noise Cancelling, and ramp that up to 30 hours using the charging case
- You can charge the case using your Apple Watch or MagSafe charger – or the ever-reliable Lightning connection
- Lost your case? The U1 chip makes Precision Finding possible, so you'll get guided to your reunion
- A built-in case speaker has all-new tones to let you know what's going on
- There's everything you still know and love from AirPods Pro, including Siri, simple pairing and seamless switching

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